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UAP trustees attends isdi conference in Boston

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The UAP delegation had a fruitful participation in the International Conference on ‘Private Universities in Bangladesh– Challenges, Opportunities and Stakeholder Engagement’ held at Boston, USA on Friday, October 6th, 2023.

International Sustainable Development Institute (iSDi), Boston University, arranged the conference. Participants included representatives from top private universities from Bangladesh, officials from the Government of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi educators and professionals from North America attended the conference.

Honorable Member of the Board of Trustees (BoT), UAP Mr. C M Shafi Sami, Mr. Zaki Alam and Mr. Ishtiaque Kamal represented the UAP in the conference.

The conference had six discussion sessions:
1) State of Private Universities in Bangladesh.
2) Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
3) Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Higher Education.
4) Global Engagement– Opportunities for Private Universities in Bangladesh.
5) Industry Relations and Experiential Learning.
6) Sustainability and Research Collaboration.

The participants and representatives of different organizations discussed significant contributions made by the reputed and law-abiding private universities in Bangladesh to the spread of quality higher education and consequently to the impressive economic growth in Bangladesh.

They also focused on the imperative need for ensuring sustenance and steady growth of private universities in the country and recommended some policy directions that both the universities and the government need to take for national interest.


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